Diego Fournier

A Costa Rican illustrator and 3-D animator who began his artistic studies at the early age of 7 upon entering the Castella Conservatory. Since then, nothing stops him. In 2006 he graduated from plastic arts with an emphasis on painting and the following year he began his professional studies at the University of Costa Rica in graphic design and print design. He works as an illustrator in the 3-D animation studio “Morpho”. During his long career, he received several mentions such as "Inquieta Imagen" in the Central America-Caribbean digital art show, thanks to a demo of a video game or the Second Prize in the Latin American show "The best Latin American illustrations 2011" organized by the University of Palermo. In 2012 he was selected to participate in the project "De mi barrio a tu barrio" organized by the muralist Jim Avignon, in addition to painting a mural on the facade of the legislative assembly, a book was published and an exhibition was held in Germany with the same name . After this, he is invited to take part in the artistic residency "Rapaces Traces and Gestures" held in Granada for emerging artists from the United States and Central America. In addition to this, he participates in the Musical Poster exhibition in Havana, Cuba, at the ISDI. After this, and much more, he is currently developing in TRICLOPE, an interdisciplinary project where he develops as an illustrator, designer, writer, muralist, animator, giving himself the freedom to explore his own language.