Carla Berrocal

Carla Berrocal was born in Madrid, where she studied illustration & graphic design. She writes comic reviews in La Guía del Cómic and collaborates at the same time in a radio show in Madrid's Círculo de Bellas Artes. In 2004, Recerca Editorial publishes her first work, pulp-themed, 'Hire, el terrible vampiro samurai' written by Daniel Hartwell. In 2005, Mad Trio, collaborating with Jason DeGroot. The next year she publishes her first stories and scripts with her own drawings thanks to the monographics directed by Jorge Iván Argiz in the editorial Dolmen. In 2011 her first graphic novel sees daylight, 'El Brujo' and in 2016 'Epigrafías (Libros de Autoengaño)'. She has participated in numerous publications like Hundlebert Syndrome, Revista Fierro, Quimera, Monográfico, Nobrow and many others. She also coordinated and participates in the collective oeuvre 'Todas Putas: Los cuentos gráficos' (2014). She works in her own design studio, does workshops about comic & graphic novels in multiple institutions. Comic illustrator for various editorials and illustrator for uncountable ad agencies.