Nando Esteva

Creativity. Transgression. Innovation. Three concepts that go hand in hand in Nando Esteva’s works, both in photography and video, in professional advertising and artistic projects. The Majorcan photographer (Palma, 1979) has been working in the advertising sector since he was young, and he specialises in areas such as hotel industry, architecture, industrial products, and of course, gastronomy. In fact, the culinary image has become the common thread in Nando Esteva’s career. In his gastronomic laboratory he collaborates with some of the best chefs and creates his most personal collections, always exploring new ways of capturing the food, its shape, its identity. Both his advertising and artistic works —personal, in collaboration with companies and firms or related to volunteer projects— have been awarded in recent years at the LUX awards, IPA, One Eyeland, Florence-Shanghai, Prix de la Photographie Paris Px3, MIFA in Moscow and Hasselblad Master Awards, among others. Photo Author: Marlon Rudolph