Maria Vagna

I am Maria Vagna, a professional photographer for more than 15 years. Until I was 30 years old I was working in different multinational companies looking at numbers and feeling like just another number. So, in the year 2000 I made a decision: to leave accounting out of my life, to make room for creativity, colors, emotions and to dedicate myself seriously to the art of photography, training at the EFTI school (School of Photography and Image Center) in Valencia. From the viewfinder of the camera I have left my sensitivity printed in author photos, interior projects, architecture, fashion, advertising, corporate image for companies, adventure events by desert and sea and still photography. I have been able to work with satisfaction with firms such as: Corte Inglés, Hortensia Maeso, Tutto Piccolo, Rubio Kids, Mimakids, Aznar Innova, etc and I have also published in different magazines such as Tendencias vlc, Oxxo, Oliva Nova Magazine, Arquitectura y diseño. I like to talk to my clients to understand their goals and then, as in the interpretation of a script, I put all my soul so that in every moment of my photography comes out the most intense, most real, most magical image. Sometimes I smile for no reason because of the emotion of imagining what I see, this precise moment, in a photo. That's why I consider it my greatest luck to dedicate myself to photography and to live from what excites me the most. I recently decided to make a short film. The director Carlota Sayos gave me the opportunity to live this experience that has been so rewarding that I can only say that I have fallen in love again, also for the new opportunity to grow training and of course to give new life and shape to this wonderful art, my self and photography in Madrid.