Judith Moreno

I was born and raised in a town in Badajoz and currently reside in Madrid. The world of photography came into my life when I was 19 years old, I wanted to be a computer science but I realized that creativity was my thing. I was lucky to work in an advertising agency, get to know the sector from a different point of view, and whenever possible I managed to get them to let me take the photographs in the agency. Little by little I realized that I really wanted to take photos and not design ads. I would sneak on the catwalks to see what was cooking in there and look for an opportunity, I fell in love with that environment until I have managed to work for some of those designers. I did a post production and fashion photography master in Madrid. My first job was as a retoucher in a studio and I worked for big brands and very important photographers, while I worked there doing my sessions practically every week. I am currently a freelance and I am lucky to be free when creating and carrying out my ideas. I am inspired by beauty, people and their stories.