Ivan Hugo

His visual style has its roots in the documentary. He focuses on telling stories in a global market that increasingly demands genuinely human-centred content. With experience in advertising, portraits, lifestyle, culture, and documentary, through photography / moving image, he brings realism to a cinematic experience. Whether by capturing reality "on the fly" or by composing the sequence, always with an aesthetic approach (using natural light or creating artificial light), he brings in his vision according to the idea.  With his focus on culture, he has carved a name for himself in the field of street culture commercial brands, working with eg Levi Strauss, where he captured the spirit of denim culture in different cities around the globe, producing a series of books and posters that were exhibited at the Levis HQ Gallery in San Francisco.  Ivan Hugo studied Photography at the University of the Arts London, and set lighting at the Mountview Academy of theatre art. He also took lectures of cinematography at London MET film school, with Paul Weeler and Nic Morris (both from the British Society of Cinematographers - BSC).  Clients include; Vice Latam. Nike Japan & USA. Levi Strauss Global. Junk food clothing. Diet Coke. Shell global insights. Lexus. Timberland. Dunhill. Figaro mag. Leon mag. INTO mag. Monocle mag. Transit mag. Portraits; Ralph Lauren. Lily Collins. Nakamura, RyoMiyaiki among others. Agencies; McCAAN. Tokyo. W+K Tokyo. Bamm Global. Clear strategy. Satchi & Satchi. LUA + SOL agency.  With over the 15 years of experience, he has lived and worked in Tokyo and London, and is currently based in Barcelona. World traveller.