Edu Wallace

I have been developing my career as a photographer and film director in the advertising market for 17 years. At this time I positioned myself in various countries in Latin America, the United States and the Caribbean, achieving a large number of jobs for clients such as Bavaria, Avianca, Cervepar, Unilever, P&G, Quilmes, Nestlé, Renault, Volkswagen, Kimberly Clark, Mondelez and other large regional brands I am a restless person who constantly seeks to find projects that reveal and elevate the creative and quality rod of the environment I represent. 3 years ago I launched as Director of advertising cinema, as well as advice in preparation of photo production departments INHOUSE in advertising agencies. Today I am working in USA, Spain, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico and Peru. In my moments of creative leisure I practice percussion and drums, as creation tools. I was selected by LÜZER´S ARCHIVE as one of the 200 BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS 20/21 with a graphic for CLUB COLOMBIA beer. Dad of Emma and Matilda.