Tomat is a Brazilian duo with international experience in post-production, design and cinema. Tomas Salles and Mateus Araujo formed a team in 2011 when they started creating films with a unique appearance. They won the first prize in the "Non European Program" category of the Young Directors Award in 2012 and a bronze lion at the International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, both for the film "Gatorrada" for the brand of energy drink Flying Horse. Tomás is director of the 3D department and Creative Director of Fullframe, worked in New York as creative supervisor for The Mill and was winner of First Boards Awards. He later worked as a 3D freelancer for companies like PSYOP / Massmarket, BUCK NY and Artjail. Formed as a graphic designer and illustrator, Tomás graduated with honors in the Master of Image and Digital Design by the University of New York and was the first student to be chosen for the exhibition of SIGGRAPH, Electronic Theater and the Stash Magazine. His short "Equilibrio" won prizes for creativity and the prize for the best short Film Student Magazine Awards. Co-founder of Fullframe, very interested in the art of post-production techniques as a solution to the growing demand of the advertising industry. Matthew is the Director of Composition and Creative Director of Fullframe, whose experience includes extensive freelance work for companies such as FDG, Black Entreatment TV, USA Channel, Comedy Central and Interspectacular. He later joined the creative agency 6D, where he worked for 6 years and won the MTV Music Awards Best Director Award for Best Pop Music Video. Graduated in Master of Design and Technology from the University of Parsons and graduated in Graphic Design from PUC-Rio. Co-founder of Fullframe, he is currently interested in recreating reality for commercials through 3D composition and special effects.

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