Julio Medem

Basque director with Valencian, French and German ancestry. He grew up in Madrid, where he studied at the Colegio del Pilar and where he shot his first images with a Super-8 camera. He moved to Soria to study medicine, a career that ended in the Basque Country, where he also practiced film criticism. In the mid-70s he began shooting his first short films, including “El Ciego”, “Fideos” or “Patas En La Cabeza”. He debuted as a feature film director with "Vacas" (1992), a film awarded with a Goya to the best new director, "La ardilla roja" (1993) which was awarded in Cannes with the prize of youth, or "Tierra" (1996) . His melancholic, evocative and intimate approach to drama carefully transcends popularly thanks to "Los amantes del círculo polar" (1998). Three years later he returned to similar tones in "Lucia y El Sexo" (2001), a film with a dose of eroticism. Later he dedicated his time to the political documentary with “La Pelota Vasca” (2003) before returning to fiction with “Caotica Ana” (2007). In "Habitación en Roma" (2010) tells the sexual relationship between two women, one married and with two children, and the other about to get married. Five years later he premiered "Ma Ma" (2015), cancer drama with Penelope Cruz as main character. In 2018, he premiered "El árbol de la sangre" (2018). He got married in 2018 with the production designer Montse Sanz, with whom he had started a relationship in the 90s and had a daughter with her. Medem has two other children from a previous relationship.

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