Aries, although he has stopped believing in horoscopes. Cinema is for him both the cause and the solution to all his problems. Filming is for him ''what morphine is to Bela Lugosi, what Richard Burton is Liz Taylor, the red light to Dario Argento, large breasts to Russ Meyer, Lynch and the dwarves or Goddard to the Nouvelle Vague; indispensable and complementary''. At the age of 12 he started working as an actor in the famous television series Aida, for 11 years the series was on air. He worked in cinema and theater with the masters he admired. Whenever he acts, ''I observe the work of the director, sitting in front of the monitor intently listening the phrases he wrote for those actors, the traveling out of the scene, light and makeup. I have learned and copied their movements and I still do. I love that job. I love directing.''

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