Beatriz Sanchís

Pregnant women have strange cravings, my mother's was watching a double film session religiously every day of those nine months. From that moment, telling stories has been my way of seeing and unraveling the world. First, a stop motion video clip with clicks of playmovil when I was seventeen, I spent moving little arms of clicks for two months and I guess I understood that my vocation was strong. Since then I have not stopped, video art, short films, video clips, advertising and a film "Everyone is dead" and another in preparation "Where the Summer went". I have presented my work at festivals like Berlin and Cannes and I was twice nominated for the Goya awards, the first for Best Short Documentary and the second for Novel Direction. My work gathers more than 70 national and international awards and recognitions and thanks to the fact that I have not done so badly, I can continue doing what I like the most in the world; filming.

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