Álvaro Stocker

Born in Buenos Aires, Álvaro grew up linked to music and soon after discovered his passion for cinema when he found an 8mm camera in a closet at home. His love for both arts motivated him to study film and start making music videos with artists. He has worked with prominent Argentine athletes and musicians in promotional videos, collaborating with agencies, clothing brands and clients. The ability to combine visual storytelling and beautiful aesthetics are his trademark. He often uses different media and formats like 8mm, 16mm, digital, or just a mobile phone to create tangible and textured movies. Constantly in search of that different touch to express his art. His works are gaining recognition around the world, "Shake Up Your Life", his short film shot entirely with an iPhone, was selected in various festivals around the world, such as in Switzerland, Macedonia, Portugal, Budapest, Nigeria, Sweden and the United States . He also won the Best Director award at the BAMVFestival Buenos Aires 2019 for his video "A punta de Espada" with Duki, and the Best Music Video at the NYC Independent Music Awards for his video "En el vendaval" with Ainda.

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