O tú o yo

Original Idea:
Raquel Sánchez Silva
Executive production:
Matías Dumont
Documentary Series
3X45 minutes

There are a handful of media cases in the world whose end was, sooner or later, the pardon of women accused of murder, when their years of suffering and the lack of help from the institutions were recognized. Referring to them and documenting them is to focus this debate and this question: Are these women abused, raped and tortured for years, victims or murderers?

The story

The number of women murdered by their partners in an environment of continued sexist violence continues to rise. The debate on the consideration of domestic violence as a defense in cases in which women kill their aggressors remains open, although it does not bear fruit at legal levels and with hardly any examples of jurisprudence in its favor. In many cases, although legitimate defense or insurmountable fear are mentioned as possible excuses for the crime committed by these women, the disproportion of their crime ends up weighing more heavily. In others, for example, that on the specific day their husbands were murdered they had not been beaten.