Joan Bosch
Executive Production:
Matías Dumont & Joan Bosch
Shortfilm (Drama)
7 minutes

Clara (80) lives an empty and lonely life. Her day to day is gray, slow and repetitive. However, within this routine, there’s a hidden ritual that helps to brighten her life just for a moment.

The Story

A fictional short film inspired on a short story by Adrian Tomine (Lunch Break, Sleepwalker and Other Stories, 2004), which tells us about the memory and the passage of time from a direct and minimalist staging. “Let’s learn to value what we have before time takes it away”. This is the hidden message behind the work of the director, Joan Bosch.

Making Of

Director: Joan Bosch
Executive production: Matias Dumont y Joan Bosch
Production manager: Yaiza Ríos
1º AD: Marta Díaz
Production assistant: Carlos Acinas
Production assistant: Dani Cejas
DOP: Laura Hojas
Camera Assistant: Blanca Devis
Assistant camera operator: Jaime Paunero
Art: Ofelia Hernández
Art assistant: Julia Valentin
Sound: F. Javier Garrido
BSO: Joan Delgado y Enric Mont
Styling: Aina Nogué
Makeup and hairdressing: Eva Solís
Gaffer: Hugo Gonzalez
Electrical technician: Joaquín Alonso
Electrical technician: Marina Bryant
Electrical technician: Clara Romanillos
Electrical technician: David Bernal
Colorist: Fran Cóndor
Edit: Joan Bosch
Camera stuff: Welab Professional Equipment
Lights Stuff: Aluzine Rentals