Executive Production:
Matías Dumont, Hernan Zin & Eva Cebrian
Hernán Zin
Documentary Film

A film that was born as a result of four intense months of filming with exclusive access to ICUs, residences, ambulances, funeral homes, firefighters, police checkpoints … where no one else could enter. A unique historical document that shows everything that we could not see during the lockdown.


Madrid has been one of the hardest hit regions in the world by the covid pandemic. When the state of alarm was declared, Hernán Zin came out with his camera to portray it from all fronts, a unique document on the pandemic that puts a name, face and history to the numbers of victims published every day in newspapers. A film loaded with humanity that tells us everything that we couldn’t see during the lockdown.

A tribute to all who have fought to face it.


“A unique historical documentary”, Fotogramas.

“Everyone has to watch it”, El Cultural.

“Awesome and necessary. 2020 is an essential documentary about the year that changed us all forever ”, El Español.

“An emotional portrait of the coronavirus crisis in the document that Spain needs to close the duel”, Pepa Blanes, Cadena Ser.

“The value of the film is its vocation of witness and its clarity in rejecting the desire to turn the page”, Luis Martinez, El Mundo.

“Tragic chronicle of what we live, what many suffered and many others tried to calm down”, ABC.

“The trip to the hell of the pandemic”, El País.

“A crude and necessary documentary”, Mew Magazine.

“An emergency documentary to witness first-hand the evolution of the pandemic in our country”, El Periódico.

“They are human stories that convey the reality of an epidemic that is going to change our lives more than we can admit”, TeleCinco.

“The coronavirus pandemic told from within”, Marca.


Direction and script: Hernán Zin

Executive Production: Matías Dumont, Hernán Zin, Eva Cebrián

Production:  Matías Dumont, Hernán Zin, Sergio Carmona

Photography: Raúl Peña

Edition: Yago Muñiz

Editor Assistant: Sergio Corredor

Editor Assistant: Jairo González

Sound: Julio Cuspinera

Production direction: Alex De la Llave

Production Coordination: Juan Carlos Tellechea

Post-production Coordination: Gabo Gertner, Matías Aisen

PostProduction: Exit

Sound: La Panadería

Color: Edu Aranda, El Colorado

Production: Antiestático, Doc Land & EvaFilms


Audience award for best feature film 2020 at the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival.

Special mention of the 2020 jury at the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival.