The Gigantes

Beatriz Sanchís
Executive Production:
Inna Payán & Matías Dumont
Feature Film
93 minutes

Suffocated by the debts left by her mother after she died, a young white trash from the US sets out on a car trip to Mexico looking for an old love to save her from her tumultuous existence, accompanied by a Chicana teenager who lies to her so that take to know the place where your father died.

The story

JJ is a woman with bad hair from cheap dyes, a compulsive smoker and foul-mouthed woman who has just been kicked out of her room for non-payment of rent. With her few belongings in the car, she is going to do her last catering job, with the profit of which she will undertake a trip to Mexico in search of Tristán, her ex. Esmeralda, a fourteen-year-old teenager, in whose face all we see is deep pain and isolation from her mother. However, something in Esmeralda’s eyes changes when she meets JJ one of the waitresses at her party. Esmeralda proposes a deal, pay her salary and a much higher sum if he takes her to Baja California to see her father, whom she has not seen for years because of her mother’s prohibition. This is how an adult and an adolescent begin an unusual journey.

“Someday when you come and see the giants … you will understand.”


Antiestático & Animal de Luz present:

Director: Beatriz Sanchís

Starring: Samantha Smith & Andrea Sutton

Executive Production: Inna Payán & Matías Dumont

Production: Luis Salinas

Post Production Director: Lucas de la Rua

Production Manager: Alejandro Sánchez

Line Producer: Nicole Maynard Pinto

Production Coordinator: Gladys Medina

Cinematographer: Nicolas Wong

1st AD: Marcela Sevilla

2nd AD: Dandy Arriaga

Script: Gabriela Herrera

Unit Manager: Octavio López

Casting Director: Bernardo Velasco

Coach: Tina French

Production Designer: Luisa Guala

Costume Design: Andrea Manuel & Marina Pedreño

Set designer: Francisco Delgado

Makeup: David Gameros

Sound engineer: Aldo Navarro

Microphone: Sargio Zavala