Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Executive Producer:
Rosina Belda
9 minutes

This audiovisual experience carried out for the campaign “stop more, feel more” by Cervezas Alhambra, invites viewers to reflect on the speed with which we experience what is happening around us and does so by asking us specifically about the consumption of content “faster “that makes us miss those details that truly enrich our own experience.

Under this concept, the film was presented in two formats: 4X, four times faster than usual and 1X, standard speed.

The story

Tired of not finding a solution to his problems, Alex decides to embark on a new regression therapy. Guided by his therapist, we embark on a surreal journey through his fears and insecurities represented in a labyrinthine play, full of characters who appear and disappear and who will help to discover that our greatest enemy is, often, those who least expect .

Starring Tamar Novas and with Emilia Lazo and Diego Klein in the cast.


Written and directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of the renowned film Impacto, which won a Goya award for best new director.

Making Of / by Curro Chozas

Filmmaker: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Executive general producer: Matías Dumont
Executive producer: Rosina Belda
Producer: Camila Cristeche
Direction assistant: Joppe De Bernardi
Casting director: Esther Cocero
Production director: Carola Bisci
Production manager: Alberto Carrasco
Production assistant: Miriam Pompa
Production assistant: Amaia Azcona
Production assistant: Samuel Leal
Production assistant: Alberto Martín
Production assistant: Raúl Martínez
Production assistant: Miguel Bastida
Production assistant: Sara Bermejo
DOP: German Lammers
Film editor: Francisco Molina
Camera assistant: Mario Pérez
Camera assistant: Carlos Medina del sur
Vídeo Assist: Alvaro Pineda
Locator: Miguel Anaya
Sound technician: Facu Devitto
Sound assistant: Martín Gamarra
Gaffer: Sergio Monjas
Electrical technician: Héctor Perotas
Electrical technician: Daniel Pajares
Stylist: Vivi Werdum
Style assistant: Sergio Rodríguez
Make up artist: Gegé Godoy
Make up assistant: Ivana Rodriguez
Making Of: Hernán Zubizarreta
Postproduction: Elena Vergel
Postproduction: Paco Naturana
Postproduction: Francisco Molina